Amiret Al Qasr


The north and the south of Survaya were always in a conflict, so they agreed on letting the son of one king get married to the daughter of the other king in order for them to unite. However, everything changed when the north King’s Queen Camilia and her daughter (Laura) got attacked. The queen requested some farmers to take care of Laura without anyone knowing so the king thought he lost them but the princess survived and lived with a Brazilian family under the name of Suzanna. She grew close to Juan who later becomes her fiancé. The king discovers the secret of his daughter survival, so he asks her to return and do her national duty by marring prince Philip, but the princess refuses.  The king also refuses to let the princess marry someone who doesn’t belong to Survaya but Juan later discovers that his ancestor was the founder of Survaya, which means he is allowed to marry Suzanna, and at the end they got married.



STARRING: The voice for Mahmoud Nasr , Ayman Abd Alsalam , Rana Rizek
FORMAT: 110 x 30 minutes
CATEGORY: Distribution
GENRE: Romance, Latin
MARKET: Dubbed Series
DIRECTED BY: Ricardo waddington
SCRIPTED BY: Duca Rachid , Thelma Guedes
DISTRIBUTED BY: Beelink Productions