Eugenie Nights


The series events revolve in the year 1946, where we see the apparent tension in the relationship between doctor Farid and his wife Aida, on the other side, we see Kariman who is married to Ismail, a rich feudal, but so cold hearted, skeptic and jealous. A big argument arises between kariman and Ismail until she kills him mistakenly, kariman runs away from the accident scene and heads to Port Said and introduces herself there as Kareema instead of kariman, Karima tells a lie not including the truth of what happened with Ismail or her daughter, during the stay of kareema at Galeela, whom we get to know that she works as a singer in a nightclub in Eugenie’s district since the time she arrived at port Said and settled there, thinking that it’s a temporary stage which lasted for two whole years . Kareema starts to regain her strength, Farid pursues her and their relationship in the beginning oscillates between her gratitude and her curiosity towards him, and other events that widens the misunderstanding between them. She asks Galeela to help her in finding a job, Galeela offers her a job at the nightclub, but Kareema refuses until she finds a job opportunity at Patisserie Sofia, Sofia embraces and welcomes  her and its seems that she’s the least one curious to know from where did Kareema come and what’s her story but more interested in knowing Kreema the way she is now, and throughout her work in the patisserie, Kareema gets to know the rest of the ladies.

Farid was suffering, trying to adapt with his life with Aida, and his suffering increases while trying to overcome his growing feelings that aroused towards Kareema, the more he tries to resist those feelings, the more he gets attached to her, and the more he tries to approach Aida, the more he is confident about his feelings towards Kareema, because she was the one who restored his lost faith in love.



STARRING: Dhafer El Abdeen, Amina Khalil, Ingy Al Mokadem, Karmen Baseebs, Morad Makram, Laila Ezz El Arab, Asmaa Abu El Yazid, Mariam El Khosht, Botros Ghaly

FORMAT: 30 x 40 minutes.

GENRE: Drama.


Samaa Abd El Khalek, Ingy Kassem.

Directed by: Hany Khalifa

PRODUCED AND DISTRIBUTED BY: Beelink Productions & Eagle Films.

Original Format: Boomerang