Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel


In the 1950’s and behind walls filled with secrets, tears, betrayal and love opens the Grand Hotel its door for us to explore. It is an exciting world full of intrigue and secrets, a story told through the lives of the fortunate as well as the poor, across class lines. We enter Grand Hotel to explore a world of thrilling secrets, tales and mysteries. The series takes us back to the strata of the Egyptian society of the 1950’s, unfolding the various mysteries of the maids, butlers and the wealthy guests.
When Ali goes to visit his sister, who works at the hotel, he finds to his surprise that she has disappeared. Suspiciously, nobody seems to have a straight answer when he asks people about her. While struggling to find out what happened to her, he falls in love with Nazly, the hotel owner’s daughter. However, Nazly’s mother won’t allow her to marry him and instead she forces her to marry her cousin Morad in order to save the family from bankruptcy.
What will be the destiny of those who uncover the secrets of the wealthy and powerful?

How are people living and surrounded by walls with betrayal, crime, hatred, and of course, love.



STARRING: Amr Youssef , Amina Khalil, Nada Moussa , Anouchka, Sawsan Badr, Ahmad Daood, Dina El Sherbiny, Mohamed Mamdouh
FORMAT: 30 x 40 minutes
CATEGORY: Production, Distribution
GENRE: Drama, Crime, Mystery, Romance
MARKET: Egyptian Drama
DIRECTED BY: Mohamed Shaker Khodier
PRODUCED BY: Beelink Productions, Eagle Films
SCRIPTED BY: Tamer Habeeb
DISTRIBUTED BY: Beelink Productions