Halawet El Donia


“Life…Is Beautiful” follows Amina, a smart, quick-witted and aspiring young woman whose life takes a sudden and unexpected turn.
Throughout her life, Amina was constantly setting goals for herself, both in the long  and short term. She had planned it all…the major turning points, such as moving forward with her career, getting married & even having children …until she was diagnosed with Leukemia.
Amina lives with her outgoing and positive grandmother Zuzu, her own widowed mother Nadia who devoted her life for her 2 daughters and Alia, Amina’s youngest rebel sister.
Amina is a brave young woman with a prodigious capacity for love  and endurance. She decides to fight cancer with all her might with the help and support of her loving family and friends. Her illness becomes a transformative process which enriches her life and the lives of those who surround her in complex and unexpected ways.  Amina’s profound desire to embrace life guides her to face tough challenges while counting her blessings all along.



STARRING: Hend Sabry, Dhafer El-Abdeen, Anoshka, Hanan Motawe’, Hany Adel, Ragaa’ El-Geddawy, Mostafa Fahmy, Noha Abdeen, Ahmed Hatem, Salma Abu-Deif.

FORMAT: 30 x 40 minutes.

GENRE: Drama.

DIRECTED BY:  Hussein El Minbbawy.


SCRIPTED BY: Samaa Abd El Khalik & Ingy el kassem.

PRODUCED AND DISTRIBUTED BY: Beelink production & Eagle Film.