Kaeno Embareh


The story revolves around a devastating family due to the loss of their elder son from 20 years ago, when he was only four years old, this incident laid down a lot of pressure on this family’s connections which caused the husband to start an affair and caused s lot of conflicts between the mother and her two younger children as well.

In the twentieth memorial of his disappearance, a new evidence appears that may help in the identification of the child’s kidnapper and may identify if the boy was still alive. This causes the opening of an ignored wound by all family members, who were trying to forget everything about the past.

After a short while, (Ali) appears in front of the family’s house claiming that he is the missing child from long ago. After the impact of the initial shock, everyone starts to doubt if he was really the true
(Ali), except his mother and younger brother.


STARRING:Rania Youssef, Mohamed ElSharnouby, Ahmed Wafik, Hoda AlMufti, Ahmed Khalil, Khaled Anwar, Ahmed Khalil, Mohamed Soliman, Wafaa Sadek, Asmaa Galal, Gamal Abd El Nasser, Diana Hsham, Aya Samaha, Hanan Soliman, Mayan El Sayed, Hazem Ihab and Mohsen Mansour.

FORMAT: 45 x 40.

GENRE: Drama.


SCRIPTED BY: Mariem Naoum

PRODUCED AND DISTRIBUTED BY: Beelink Productions & Eagle Films.