A contemporary social drama series, “La Totfe’ el Shams” is based on the novel by the Egyptian writer Ehsan Abdul-Quddus.  The series is a subversive take on the novel that revolves around the lives and problems of the family of the late Ibrahim Abulmagd.

The family consists of the widow and mother Eqbal whose marriage to her husband was arranged at a very early age and was naturally void of any love or affection, and her children. Fifi is the eldest daughter, an honors college student who is unfortunately not as pretty or attractive as her other younger sisters; this in turn  resulted in her being a bitter introvert.  Ahmed, the eldest son, considers himself the head of the family and the sole guardian of his mother and siblings after his father’s death.   Engy on the other hand, lives a socially unbalanced love story with her boyfriend, while Adam ,  the main source of joy for the family,  is a young vibrant man who fights and rebels against the status quo, the restrictions and boundaries set by society. Finally Aya, the youngest sibling who was adored by her father, suddenly experiences new emotions towards her music teacher who is significantly older than she is.




STARRING: Mervat Amin, Mohamed Mamduh, Amina Khalil, Reham Abdelghafour, Gamila Awad, Ahmed Malek, Fathy Abdelwahab, Sherin Reda, Mohamed El-Sharnouby, Mai El-Gheity, Arfa Abdelrasoul, Zaki Fateen Abdelwahab, Gehad Saad, Khalid Kamal and Maha Abou Aouf.

FORMAT: 30 x 40.

GENRE: Drama.

DIRECTED BY: Mohamed Shaker Khodaier.

SCRIPTED BY: Tamer Habib.

PRODUCED AND DISTRIBUTED BY: Beelink production & Eagle Films.