Roses and Thorns

Roses & Thorns


This series talks about Azhary family. A rich family that consists of Mourad, Adnan, and Malak. Adnan hates Mourad and he has greedy plans to overtake all the family money. However, fate decides to give Adnan a disabled son from his first wife, and daughter from the second, so he loses the hope of having a successor. Mourad acquiesces to the will of his family to get married to his cousin Narine. He later moves to Istanbul and meets Fotoun and marry her.  She gives birth to their first son, but he kidnaps him to give him to his first wife Narine to raise him and tells Foutoun that the baby died. Mourad’s business goes bust, so he decides to go back to the village to face his brother, and take his son back. Adnan attempts to murder Mourad, and claims that he committed suicide. Fotoun faces bankruptcy and decides to take her kids and go to the village, where she faces the rejection of her husband’s family, and gets shocked to know that her husband is married to his cousin and has a son. She continues to face life troubles alone.


STARRING: Ece Uslu – Mert Yazicioglu – Ozcan Deniz
FORMAT: 135 x 40 minutes
CATEGORY: Distribution
GENRE: Turkish, Social
MARKET: Dubbed Series
DIRECTED BY: Murat Saraçoğlu
SCRIPTED BY: Sema Ergenekon , Eylem Canpolat , Pınar Uysal , Funda Çetin , Erkan Birgören , Betül Yağsağan , Beril Köse
DISTRIBUTED BY: Beelink Productions