This is a story about Dalila, a girl who lives with her romantic father and aristocratic mother. Her mother is still holding tight to her family habits and traditions, despite her moving with her husband and children to live in the suburb. Dalila’s passion is to sing, and she wishes to become a professional singer one day but her mother is standing in her way. Dalila decides to run away from her family and gets married to her friend’s father, Yahia, a corrupted lawyer who stands in her way and refuses to make her wish come true. She discovers that he is behind her brother’s murder so she runs away from him and marries the famous broadcaster Marwan. He tries his best to help make her dream come true and become a famous singer.



STARRING: Sherine Abd al Wahab, Bassel Khayat, Ahamad Fahmey, Sawsan Bader, Mahmoud Gendy, Mohamed Mamdouh, Yasmin Sabri
FORMAT: 30 x 40 minutes
CATEGORY: Production, Distribution
GENRE: Musical, Romance
MARKET: Egyptian Drama
DIRECTED BY: Mohamed Shaker Khodier
PRODUCED BY: Beelink Productions, Eagle Films
SCRIPTED BY: Tamer Habeeb
DISTRIBUTED BY: Beelink Productions