Teleat Rohi


An accidental encounter could be better than a thousand dates!
“Dalia Elwerdany” never expected her life to go upside down after crashing her fancy car into the humble car of “Alia Abu Heef”, and since what happened is closer to be an unbelievable miracle away from any kind of logic; as the idea of having Dalia’s soul –who is a charming shallow social girl with an attractive body- occupying the body of “Alia” who is a chubby smart lawyer making it an accidental encounter that is almost impossible to happen even if retried a thousand times.
We will watch “Dalida” exploring her new world through her new body, with all the dramatic pumps this exploration journey entails. Of course, it shall be difficult for her to cope with it in the beginning.
“Dalida” goes through a long journey with her soul in the body of “Alia Abu Heef” as she faces several challenges as a direct result of the mismatching between her soul and her hosting body, but the main challenge facing her will be her desperate attempts to reclaim the heart of her fiancé “Nadim”. As “Dalida” in her old form –before getting into Alia’s body- was fully convinced that she already owned the heart of “Nadim” using her perfect shape, and her attractive beauty as an influencer. It then turned completely to the opposite after being in that fat unattractive body which is very far from perfection. “Dalida” then discovers through her journey that the soul is more valuable, attractive and beautiful than the body.


STARRING: Engy Wegdan – Nicola Moawad.
Story & Screenplay: Sherif Badr Eldeen – Wael Hamdy.
Format 45 X 45
GENRE: Drama.
Directed by: Ramy Rizkallah.