Al Kabous

The Nightmare


This series talks about a mother’s journey in search for her son’s murderer. The story unfolds between the past, present and even nightmares which gives subtle clues and hints to guide the mother to the murderer. Many characters and their cruel intentions get revealed throughout. We find victims that in fact are not victims, but rather careless and selfish son and husband. The series tackles many shapes of love and parenting, for example, excessive love, negative & destructive upbringing and the over caring for children. All these sorts of love and parenting leads to one outcomes, spoiled shameful children and men who don’t act like ones.



STARRING: Ghada Abd Al Razek , Karim Mahmoud Abd El Aziz , Mohamed Shaheen , Ayten Amer
FORMAT: 30 x 40 minutes
CATEGORY: Production, Distribution
GENRE: Social
MARKET: Egyptian Drama
DIRECTED BY: Islam Khairy
PRODUCED BY: Beelink Productions, Eagle Films
SCRIPTED BY: Hala Al Zaghandy
DISTRIBUTED BY: Beelink Productions


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