Wanoos comes from one of Cairo’s middle class neighborhoods. He is someone with a cheerful face and manipulative intelligence. Wanoos breaks into the life of Insherah and her family by making them believe that there is a fortune awaiting them. However, in order to have it they need to find Ibrahim (Insherah’s husband and the father of the children). He disappeared years ago and no one heard of him ever since to extend that they thought he was dead.
Cunningly Wanoos gets involved into their lives, assisting them mysteriously and deceitfully to reach their personal objectives. As Wanoos deals with each member of the family cleverly and differently, new conflicts arise between the family members.
What does Wanoos really want from the family of Ibrahim and Insherah?
Will everyone obey him? Or will faith and conviction overcome Wanoos and his actions? The series juxtaposes the two utmost forces in life: good and evil, and their impact on human begins nowadays.



STARRING: Yehia El Fakharany ǀ Hala Sedky ǀ Nabil El Halafawy ǀ Mohamed Shahin ǀ Nicolas Mouawad ǀ Mohammed Kilany ǀ Noha Abdeen
FORMAT: 30×40 minutes
CATEGORY: Production, Distribution
GENRE: Drama ǀ Thriller
MARKET: Egyptian Drama
DIRECTED BY: Shadi El Fakharani
PRODUCED BY: Beelink Productions, Eagle Films
SCRIPTED BY: Abdel Reheem Kamal
DISTRIBUTED BY: Beelink Productions